Importing Email Server Certificates

Siveillance Control offers the possibility to send emails as an operation procedure step in events. Since emails always need to be encrypted, the installation of the server certificates is necessary.

  • The email server is available.
  • The email server certificate is known. If not, contact the administrator for the email server.
  1. Contact the Siemens service technician or hotline to get the keystore password.
  1. Copy the email server certificate to a temporary directory on the engineering server.
  1. Stop the engineering server with the following command:
    siveillancecontrol stop
  1. Open the temporary directory that contains the certificate copy.
  1. Install the certificate by running the script
  1. Enter the following command:
    /usr/share/viewpoint/bin/ –p
  • KEYSTOREPASSWORD = The password from the Siemens service technician or hotline.
  • CERTIFICATEFILE = The name of the certificate file.
  1. Restart the engineering server with the following command:
    siveillancecontrol start
  1. Repeat the installation on the runtime server.

Recreating Server Certificates

Recreating the server certificate is only necessary when the hostname is changed. To recreate the server certificate, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the server as the user root.
  1. Enter the following command to change to the directory with the Siveillance Control installation files:
    cd /home/[user]
  1. Run the installation script:
    bash ./
  1. Enter c to switch to the handle server certificates submenu.
  1. Enter c to create the new server certificate.
  1. To confirm that an existing certificate is replaced with the new certificate, enter y.
  1. To confirm the stop and restart of the Siveillance Control server, enter y.
  • A new certificate is created.
  1. Copy the new server certificate to the clients. For more information refer to: Copying Server Certificates to Clients.