You can upgrade the operating system.

  • A backup of the engineering data is created. For more information refer to: Backing up Data in Maintenance.
  • The backup of the operator.csv file is created, to keep the runtime log.
  • You are logged in as user root.
  1. To upgrade the operating system on a server, copy the following file with the copy command to the /home/[user] directory using for example WinSCP:
  • debian11-suite-amd64-x.iso
  1. Run the installation script:
Installation:1 ) install/update Siveillance Control server2 ) install/update OIS server3 ) install/update Operation scheduler 9 ) install open-vm-toolsMaintenance functions:a ) start serviceb ) stop servicec ) handle server certificated ) disable updates via networke ) enable updates via networkf ) configure CUPSh ) start systemhardeningr ) uninstall productst ) configure Timezoneu ) upgrade operating systemv ) verify Siveillance Control statusPlease select:Maintenance functions OIS:i ) check OIS installation j ) import root certificate into Siveillance Control keystorel ) install/reconfigure moxa drivers ) show install logq ) quit
  1. Complete the following steps to upgrade the operating system:
  • Close all Windows Clients.
  • To stop the Siveillance Control server, enter b and select Siveillance Control.
  • Enter u to select upgrade packages for operating system.
  • Choose the correct package version.
  • The operating system is upgraded.
  1. When the installation is complete, enter q to end the installation script.
  1. To restart the computer, enter the following command:
    init 6