You can either update or upgrade Siveillance Control. The upgrade of Siveillance Control can contain several additional steps described in the related file of the release documents. The engineering and runtime sites are automatically migrated during the update or upgrade.

  • Siveillance Control is installed.
  • A backup of the engineering data is created. For more information refer to: Backing up Data in Maintenance.
  • The backup of the operator.csv file is created, to keep the runtime log.
  • Check if sufficient space is available on the server’s hard disk by entering the following command df-h . At least 10 GB storage space can be needed in case of very large data volume in excess of 100,000 data points for temporary files during the update.
  • You are logged in as user root.
  1. To update/upgrade Siveillance Control on a server, copy the following file with the copy command to the /home/[user] directory using for example WinSCP:
  • viewpoint-d11*.deb
  1. Run the installation script:
Installation:1 ) install/update Siveillance Control server2 ) install/update OIS server3 ) install/update Operation scheduler 9 ) install open-vm-toolsMaintenance functions:a ) start serviceb ) stop servicec ) handle server certificated ) disable updates via networke ) enable updates via networkf ) configure CUPSh ) start systemhardeningr ) uninstall productst ) configure Timezoneu ) upgrade operating systemv ) verify Siveillance Control statusPlease select:Maintenance functions OIS:i ) check OIS installation j ) import root certificate into Siveillance Control keystorel ) install/reconfigure moxa drivers ) show install logq ) quit
  1. Complete the following steps to update or upgrade Siveillance Control:
  • Close all Windows Clients.
  • To stop the Siveillance Control server, enter b and select Siveillance Control.
  • Enter 1 to select install/update Siveillance Control server.
  • Choose the correct package version.
  • Siveillance Control is updated or upgraded.
  • The site is migrated.
  • The Siveillance Control server is started.
  1. When the installation is complete, enter q to end the installation script.
  1. Perform the following steps if you want to update the Java settings:
  • Open the /etc/viewpoint/ file.
  • Change the default value of the java memory setting variable to:
    java_memory_settings ='-Xmx8g -XX:+UseG1GC -Xms4g'
  1. To restart the computer, enter the following command:
    init 6