In rare cases, the individual disciplines in Siveillance Control are not time-synchronized. You have to manually synchronize them to ensure that correct times are used throughout the alarm chain. You can set the time by using NTP.

  • The time has been set precisely, since the time difference between the system and the NTP server must be less than one minute apart.
  1. Log in as root user.
  1. Install NTP service:
    apt install ntp
  1. Open the ntp.conf file by entering the following command:
    vi /etc/ntp.conf
  1. Create a new entry server or pool. You have the following options:
  • For the server entry, enter an IP address or a hostname, for example server
  • For the pool entry, enter a hostname.
  1. Save the file.
  1. Start and synchronize the NTP service by entering the following commands:
    service ntp stop
    ntpd -gq
    service ntp start