Debian as Operating System

Siveillance Control requires Debian (components as technically released) as system requirement/operating system. Debian is available free of charge and a Debian ISO image is included in Siemens scope.

In case that the customer provides Debian for installation or updates on behalf and does not want to use the included Debian ISO image, we recommend installation with internet access. The customer can only do this if he takes full responsibility for the consequences under contract law. You can download debian-11.x.0-amd64-netinst.iso from The installation steps might be slightly different.

Before making your way to the customer, you have to check the following requirements to ensure a trouble-free installation.

  1. Check if all hardware and software components listed on the order are available.
  1. Check if the minimum requirements for the hardware were fulfilled during the planning phase.
  1. Make sure that the data connection at the installation location is sufficient for installing Linux.
  1. If the data connection is not sufficient, prepare the offline installation by copying the following files on a data medium:



ISO image for Debian 11.X:


For detailed information on the Debian version refer to the Siveillance Control Release Notes.


Installation script for Siveillance Control:

The version of the file must match the Debian ISO image.

Siveillance Control software package


Java for Windows Client

OpenJDK8U-jre_x64_*_8u372-b07 or higher MSI setup.
During installation, make sure that the option Set JAVA_HOME is activated.



OIS-sc-3.0.xx.xxxx-debian11-small.iso or higher

Licenses and Passwords


Sphinx Viewer and Editor license codes for Siveillance Control:

Sphinx open API Viewer

Editor licenses

Password for P12 key installation:

viewpoint.p12 password

Is supplied separately by the Siemens service technician or hotline following the placement of the order.



USB stick with at least 32 GB and formatted with NTFS.

The USB stick must be provided by the region.

The X and * variables stand for the released version.