Use the procedure in this section to modify the IP network settings for a Desigo device.

  1. Select Configuration > Network.
  1. Use the following table to make selections for each item.
  1. Click Apply changes.
  • The new settings are applied and saved. The device may reboot depending on the settings modified.
Network settings fields.



Configure IPv4

DHCP - use dynamic IP addressing.

Manual - use a fixed IP address. Complete the IPv4, Subnet mask and Router fields.

MAC Address

(Information only) MAC address of the device.

DNS server


Device name on IP


Enable SNMP

Enabled – SNMP monitoring is active.

Disabled - SNMP monitoring is not active.

SNMP read community

Community string that allows reading information from a device.

UDP port grp comm.

UDP port number that the service uses to communicate. Range is 0 to 65535. Default: 47808 (BAC0)