The trend chart can only display a certain number of samples when the full time frame is displayed. Use this procedure to display a larger number of samples and perform a detailed trend analysis. For example, to find peaks in the data.

The timeline button is not functional on Desigo Control Point touch panels. To use the timeline button, access Desigo Control Point through a tablet, smart phone, or a PC-based Chrome browser.

  • Trends is selected.
  1. Locate the desired chart view in the building structure and select it to display the trended data.
  1. If desired, select an object in the legend to temporarily hide its trended data.
  • The graph for the selected object is removed from the displayed chart.
  • The object name and its corresponding color display dimmed in the legend.
  1. To redisplay the trended data for hidden objects, select the object in the legend again.
  1. Move the timeline buttons to zoom in to a smaller time frame.
Full time frame displayed.
Time frame restricted to one day.
  1. Change the date range selector to a smaller time frame. For example, from month to week or day.
  1. Select chart or table to change the format of the displayed data.
  1. For chart views containing analog data, adjust the Convolution property in the Series settings.
    Managing the chart series options