Automation station

Primarily controls equipment, plants, and rooms. An automation station samples and processes field data, initiates control actions, communicates with its operators, and generates reports, displays, and warnings.

BACnet/IP device

BACnet-certified device used for building automation.

BACnet/IP system

Includes 1…n BACnet devices.

BACnet/IP touch panel

Touch device with an integrated Web Server that processes data from BACnet building automation and control devices and presents it to Web clients via HTML5.0 Web pages. For example, Siemens devices PXM30.E, PXM40.E, PXM50.E.

BACnet/IP Web interface

Provides Web-based, graphical operation of BACnet automation stations using touch panels and devices with an HTML5.0 Web browser. For example, Siemens devices PXG3.W100-2, PXG3.W200-2.

Desigo Control Point

A full-featured Web-based solution that provides operating and monitoring functions for building automation and control systems.

Desigo Control Point device

A device that is primarily used for operating and monitoring systems. Standard BACnet devices, such as computers, tablets and smart phones with HTML5.0 Web browsers, are fully supported. For example, Siemens devices PXM30.E, PXM40.E, PXM50.E, PXM30-1, PXM40-1, PXM50-1, PXG3.W100-2, PXG3.W200-2.

HTML5.0 Web Server

Enables access from a standard Web browser to a specific system and provides its content in Web pages.