Chart views can be defined for online and offline trended objects. Desigo Control Point supports a maximum of five chart views.


  • The trended data points are integrated to the Desigo Control Point device.
  • For online trended objects, the trend definition must be created.
    Adding a trend definition
  1. Select > > Create chart.
  1. Navigate through the building structure and use the toggle buttons to select the object(s) to display in a chart.
  • Only objects that currently have a trend definition are displayed.
  1. Click OK to continue defining the chart view.
  1. Do the following to save the chart view at the currently selected location in the building structure:
  • Select > .
  • Type a name for the chart view in the field at the top of the dialog box.
  • Click Create to save the chart view.

For information on saving the chart view to a folder, see the Options for saving chart views section.