Group series moves the trend data for an object to a new chart or to an existing chart.

The following figure displays the options for moving an object to a different chart.

Create new
Moves the selected object to a new chart.

Chart is not available
The selected object can only be moved to an existing chart if the existing chart contains objects from the same device and if the objects have the same unit of measure.

Available chart
The selected object can be moved to this chart.

Current chart
The selected object is currently in this chart.

Moving a chart

  1. Open a chart view and select > .
  1. Select for the object to be moved.
  • The Group series pane displays the available options for moving the selected object.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • To move the object to a new chart, select Create new.
  • To move the object to an existing chart, select it in the pane.
  1. Click to save your changes.