The Trends work area displays a chart view of the samples collected for a trended object.

Settings for the displayed chart
Select Settings to display or hide the Chart View Settings menu.

  • Save saves the chart to the currently selected location in the building structure.
    Options for saving chart views
  • Save as saves the chart with a different name. This option only displays after the chart is saved.
  • Series options customize the chart type, chart colors, etc.
    Managing the chart series options
  • Delete chart deletes the currently displayed chart. This does not affect the related trend definition. This option only displays after the chart is saved.
  • Exit closes the chart.

Chart legend
Outlines the colors used to plot the trended data for each object in the chart.
Changing chart colors

Date range selector
Trended data can be displayed by the day , week, month, or year.

  • The default display is Today.
  • Click the center of the date range selector to display a calendar for selecting other timeframes.
  • Select to display the previous timeframe or select to display the next timeframe.

Charted data

  • If multiple objects are selected from a single device, trend data with the same unit of measure displays in a single chart.
  • If multiple objects are selected from multiple devices, trend data is grouped by device and unit of measure.

Chart timeline selector

  • Move the Timeline buttons to change the time period of data displayed across the x-axis. In this example, the full timeline is displayed. To focus on the data collected between 3:00 am and 9:00 am, you would move the left to 3:00 am and move the right to 9:00 am.

The Timeline button is not functional on Desigo Control Point touch panels. To use the Timeline button, access Desigo Control Point through a tablet, smart phone, or a PC-based Chrome Browser.