All devices that are currently being monitored by the Desigo Control Point device.

Default: All devices are selected.

Object type
All object types that can currently be accessed through the Desigo Control Point device.

Default: All object types are selected.

Status filters
The current status of the object.

  • If an object is in two states at the same time, both states are displayed separated by a comma, such as Normal, Un-acked.
  • If no status filters are selected, all status states are displayed including Normal.

Default: No filters are selected.

Apply button
Click to apply the selected filters and display the report results.

Search field
Enter text to search the Source and Name columns for content that matches the search string.

Download menu
Includes the following options:

  • Download - Generate and download a .csv file of the currently displayed data.
  • Email – Send the currently displayed data to an email recipient. This option is not limited to the email recipients in the database.
  • Archive - Archive the currently displayed data for future use. Archived data can also be sent to email recipients in the database or to an FTP server.
    Emailing archived reports
    Sending archived reports to an FTP server

Report results
Click a column heading to sort the report results by that property. The following columns are displayed:

  • Device – Device where the object resides.
  • Source – Location of the object within the building structure hierarchy.
  • Name – Object name.
  • Value/State – Present value of the object.
  • Status – Current object status.
  • Priority – Current object priority, if applicable.