Events tools are only available to users with the appropriate role assignment.

Filtering the alarms displayed

This procedure filters the Alarms displayed for your current session only. Once you log off, the display returns to the default configuration, which is outlined in the following table.

  1. Select > > Configure alarm view.
  1. Select one of the following to set filters:
  • for the Tiles/list view.
  • for the History view.
  1. Use the following table to make selections in the Configure alarm view dialog box.
  1. Click Apply to save the display settings.
Configure alarm view dialog box.


Tiles/List description

History description

Date range drop-down list

All (default)

Days (default)


Priority or range of priorities where:

  • Entering a single priority (for example, 100) only routes alarms or events of that priority.
  • Entering a range of priorities (for example, 1-255) routes alarms or events within that range of priorities
  • Entering a selection of individual priorities (for example 100, 200, 255) only routes alarms or events of these priorities.

Default: 0-255


The alarm state values displayed. Options are:

  • Acknowledged/Reset
  • Unacknowledged/Not reset
  • Alarm/Fault
  • Normal

Default: All selected

The logical operator for this setting is OR rather than AND. For example, if Alarm/Fault and Unacknowledged/not reset are selected, any Unacknowledged alarms that are not in Alarm or Fault (Normal), are displayed.


The type of alarm events displayed. Options are:

  • Alarms
  • Events

Default: All selected