The Events view displays current event entries, current alarm entries, and unacknowledged alarms.

Heading for the Events view.

Events indicator

Work area views

Root icon and breadcrumb navigation

Search field

Acknowledged/Reset or Acknowledge/Reset selected toggle button

①  Event indicator



Events indicator in main menu

Click to display any pending events.

Pending events

  • Indicates the number of active events.
  • Description of LED in upper-right corner (not shown) is found in the datasheet (A6V11664139).

No pending events

  • No number is shown.
  • Description of LED in upper-right corner not shown) is found in the data sheet (A6V11664139).

②  Events sub functions





Select to display current alarms.
Viewing current alarms and events


Select to display alarm history.
Event history

③  Root icon and breadcrumb navigation




Click to clear the breadcrumb navigation list and display all alarm and event entries for all sites.

Breadcrumb navigation

  • Navigate through the building structure to only display the alarms and events for the selected building element.
  • Select an item in the breadcrumb list to return to that level of the building hierarchy.

④  Search field




Displays the alarm and event entries that match the search string.

⑤  Acknowledge/Reset or Acknowledge selected toggle button

This button only displays if a user role has been granted access to acknowledge alarms and when an acknowledgment or reset is required.

  • An acknowledgment is required when an object is in a Fault or OffNormal state.
  • A reset is required when an object in a Normal state requires an acknowledgment.

A reset is an acknowledgment for an object that went into alarm and then returned to the Normal state. The reset removes the notification. If an object is configured to automatically reset without user intervention, the notification never displays since user intervention is never required.



Acknowledge/Reset all on current page

Click to acknowledge all alarms or events on the current page.

Acknowledge/Reset selected

Select one or more alarms in the List view and then click Acknowledge/Reset selected.