The following figure outlines the information displayed in the List view work area.

Navigate through the building structure to display the present value and current status of objects.

Object type
Icons represent the type of BACnet objects associated with a building, floor, room, or mechanical equipment.

Object display text
Identifies the control data point. If a Description has been entered for the object, the description is displayed with the Object name below it. If the Description field is blank, only the Object name displays.

Value quality
Indicates if an object is in Fault or in Transition to a new value. For example, the value quality for a Blind object is Transition while the blinds are in the process of raising or lowering.
State indicators

Operating mode
Indicates if an object is Overridden or placed Out of service.
State indicators

Trend data collection indicator
Indicates if a trend collection is defined for the object and whether the data is being collected online through Desigo Control Point or offline by an end device. Collected data is displayed in the Trends core function.

Present value
Present value of the data point.

Alarm state indicator
State indicators

displays if an object can be commanded to a new value, placed Out-of-Service, returned to In Service, or released from Manual control.

Additional navigation through the building structure
Click to navigate to data points that are lower in the building structure.

Data point list
Data points located at the currently selected level of the building structure.

Display of structured objects

As shown in the following figure, structured objects, such as blinds, are displayed as separate objects with an individual Value quality, Operating mode, and Alarm state for each component of the structured object.

Example display of a structured object.