FTP settings configures Desigo Control Point to save data to a server. The most common use for this feature is transferring trend data to an FTP server for archiving.

Contact your IT department for the proper FTP settings.


Configuring the FTP settings

  1. Select > > FTP to display the FTP settings from the project database.
  1. Use the information in the following table to update the settings and then click Apply.
  • The FTP dialog box displays.
  1. To test the FTP settings, click Test, enter the file path for the test and click Apply. Otherwise, click Cancel to finish the configuration.
  1. If the test fails, click OK to review the settings and fix any errors. If the settings are correct, contact your IT department.
FTP settings dialog box.



FTP server

The IP address or DNS name of the FTP server that stores off-loaded data. For example, ftps://Host.

User name

The user name of an account that is allowed to access the FTP server. For example, Administrator.

Password and
Confirm password

Type and confirm a password that complies with the password policy for your site. For security, the actual characters do not display in these fields.