To stop collecting trend data for an object, the trend definition must be removed from the database. This procedure removes a trend definition for an online trended object and archives data that was already collected.

When data points are integrated, any trend definitions already in the device are identified as offline trended objects. If an offline trended object is removed from a device, repeat the data point integration process to also remove the offline trended object from Desigo Control Point. An error occurs if you try to use an offline trended object that has been removed from a device.


Removing a trend definition and archiving data

  • is selected.
  1. Select > > Configure trend definitions > .
  1. Expand the building structure to display the objects with a trend definition.
  1. Select the trend definition(s) to be removed and click Next.
  • The Trend definition dialog box displays a list of the selected trend definitions and an option to archive collected trend data.
  1. If desired, select the check box to archive collected trend data before removing the trend definition. Otherwise, trend data that was already collected is permanently removed.
  1. Click Remove and OK to confirm removal of the trend definition(s) and close the dialog box.
  • Confirmation of the trend definition removal and data archive (if selected) displays.

File format for archived trend data

If you choose to archive collected trend data, it is saved as a .csv file with a file name in the following format:

  • That is, the current Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second, based on the computer date and time.
  • The ObjectName is the Description or Object Name (as displayed in List view) of the object whose samples are being archived.