Project workflow with ABT Site

ABT Site is the only tool needed to engineer and commission a complete system of PXC4/5/7.. automation stations, Desigo Room Automation DXR and Desigo Control Point.

These are the major steps for engineering and commissioning a project containing PXC4/5/7.. with ABT Site:

  1. Define the project settings, add the building elements and the PXC4/5/7.
  2. Set up the physical data points in the I/O Configuration editor and the Modbus devices / gateways including data points in the Modbus or KNX PL-Linka editor.
  3. Program the primary functionality for the PXC4/5/7.
  4. Add, engineer, and program/configure any other devices/automation stations or Desigo Control Point if needed.
  5. Finally, to commission the project use either ABT Site or the mobile app ABT Go or access the embedded web server using a web browser.

The flexible workflow allows for using provided modular applications from the library or an application from an existing plant as alternative starting point: adjust the plant by easily ex-changing/deleting functions or by freely modifying it (step 3), and then set up the data points (step 2).

a Refer to the PXC4, PXC5 & PXC7 Range Description (A6V13054432) for supported KNX PL-Link devices. For any limitations, refer to the corresponding device data sheet.

Efficiency and security

Several users can work concurrently on different devices within the same project. The program logic for the PXC4/5/7 can be tested without any automation station hardware by using the built-in program simulation of ABT Site.

Data points, Modbus, KNX PL-Link devices as well plants or any parts of them can be added to a user specific custom library for future use for easy exchange with other users. ABT Site comes with a number of predefined users, user roles, and user settings. The password policy defines the minimum requirements to attain a strong password. There are additional features like adding an expiration date for a password or using blocking mechanisms for computerized log in attempts to enhance the security aspect.