ABT Site is used for engineering and commissioning of the PXC4/5/7.. automation stations for primary plants with BACnet communication. A comprehensive library of tested modular applications is available, allowing to easily adjust solution-based primary plant applications. For highest flexibility, freely programmable graphical function charts are available. It presents the user an intuitive and efficient engineer-ing experience. A collection of over 250 function blocks, from basic logic elements to complex HVAC functions, ensures fast and efficient block programming. All function blocks can be graphically connected. Additionally, fast changes and updates can be made on the fly without causing major interruptions to daily operations.

Tool connection

ABT Site supports several methods to communicate with automation stations. The following connection types are possible for PXC4/5/7..

  • Via on-board WLAN hot spot of the PXC4/5/7..
  • Via BACnet network connection, either over IP or MS/TP depending on the automation station type
  • Via cloud connection with a valid Remote Access subscription (subject to regional availability) https://assets.bpcloudapps.siemens.com/
    See section Product documentation for more information.