ABT Site supports engineering of BACnet/SC networks for PXC4/5/7 and PXC3/DXR2 (as of ABT Site/Pro V5.1) including belonging certificate management (also for Desigo CC and 3rd party BACnet/SC devices). ABT Site can act both as a “Certification Authority” (CA) to issue all the respective certificates for Desigo devices itself (and sign 3rd party BACnet/SC certificates, if need be), but it can also work as just an intermediary to another CA, exchanging the needed digital signing requests (CSR) and certificates back and forth on a file level basis.

ABT Site also provides TLS certificate management for PXC4/5/7, DXR2.. and PXC3.. as well as for Desigo Control Point devices. This certificate management allows for securing http (https) communication with web servers embedded in the Desigo devices.