ABT Site can be used to freely program DXR2.. room automation stations as well as to configure standardized applications for DXR1/2.. room automation stations. For freely programming, the tool uses graphical function charts. A comprehensive range of function blocks including complex room functions ensures fast and efficient block programming.

The DXR1/2.. automation stations are also supplied applications that only need to be configured. A comprehensive library with tested, standardized applications is available that can be used instead of the preloaded applications.

ABT Site can also be used together with other tools from Desigo such as Desigo Xworks Plus (XWP) or ABT Pro. Together with ABT Pro, ABT Site specifically supports the commissioning of programmed applications for modular room automation stations of the PXC3 series, but also DXR2.. room automation stations.

Tool connection

ABT Site supports various methods to communicate with automation stations. The following connections are possible for DXR1/2.. and PXC3..

  • Via room operator unit
  • Via USB
  • Via the temporary USB WLAN stick POL903.00/100 (DXR1 only)
  • Via BACnet network connection, either over IP or MS/TP, P1 depending on the automation station type

Service interface OCI702 is required to connect via room operator unit (see data sheet A6V10438951).