One thermostat can be associated with multiple user accounts. Invite your family members or colleagues as device owner or guest to operate the thermostat remotely. Owners have full access to the thermostat. Guests can only view information in the app and make limited temporary changes such as setpoint adjustment, energy-saving mode restoration and device removal. If your role is a guest, a lock appears together with the device.

Invite a user as a device owner or guest

  1. Tap > “Setup”.
  1. Select the device to which you want to invite another user for remote operation.
  1. Tap "Users" > "Invite user".
  1. Enter a valid email address and specify the user role.
  1. Tap "Invite user" again.
  • An access confirmation email is sent to the entered email address.
  • If invitees are already signed up in the mobile app, they can see the corresponding device directly in the location list in the mobile app. If not, an additional account activation email is sent with a code.

Activate account

  • Users are invited and an account activation email is sent with a code within an hour.
  • The mobile app is downloaded and installed.
  1. In the login page, tap "Activate account".
  1. Enter the email address (invitee) and the code, set a password for the account, and agree to the terms of use.
  1. Tap "Activate".