By using a built-in presence detection sensor (also called PIR (Passive infrared detector) sensor), the thermostat detects occupancy and then does the following:

  • Activates idle display. When no operations are performed, the thermostat detects presence in room. Upon presence, it displays information such as room temperature, room air quality and relative room humidity. If unoccupied, it turns off the screen.
  • Changes the operating mode from “Unoccupied” to “Comfort”. If presence is detected in a formerly unoccupied room during a scheduled “Unoccupied” period, the thermostat switches to “Comfort” automatically until the next scheduled mode starts. However, this function is disabled by default and must be enabled manually if so desired.

Sensor location


The location of the PIR sensor. It is a black area if seen from the front of the front module.

Sensor detection range


The width of each cell. It is 80 cm (31 in).


The thermostat.


The height of each cell. It is 80 cm (31 in).


The area that the PIR sensor can detect.

Change from “Unoccupied” to “Comfort” when an unoccupied room becomes occupied

  1. On the Home screen, tap , tap and then tap .
  1. If prompted, enter the administrator password.
  1. Tap , tap , and then tap . Scroll down and tap “Room presence detector”.
  1. Drag the slider to the right.