Operating mode overview

Operating mode



Makes you feel comfortable when you are at home or inside the room where the thermostat is located.


Makes you feel comfortable when you are asleep. It also helps save energy.


Save energy when you are away from home or outside the room where the thermostat is located.

These operating modes are different in terms of temperature setpoints, humidification setpoints and dehumidification setpoints. You can adjust these setpoints for different operating modes under “Advanced Settings” > “Optimization”. Unlike the humidification setpoint or dehumidification setpoint, you can temporarily adjust the temperature setpoint directly from the thermostat home screen or using the mobile app.

You can only see and schedule these operating modes in a mobile app. However, on the hardware unit, you can switch the thermostat to operate automatically following a scheduler. When a scheduler is running, the above modes operate as scheduled within different periods of a day (If you haven’t set one, the thermostat works following a default scheduler). If you’ve changed a temperature setpoint when a scheduler is running, your change only works temporarily within the current scheduled mode and will be overridden to the scheduled settings when the next scheduled mode starts. You can see the overriding information on both the thermostat screen and app screen.

NOTE: See Setting schedules for more details about scheduling.

Switch the thermostat to work following a scheduler

  • On the Home screen, tap if is not displayed on the screen.

NOTE: Unlike when a scheduler is running, all your changes work permanently if is toggled on.