Your thermostat is designed for maintenance-free operations. Disassembling should only be done after the power supply is off and is only limited to the licensed installers only for disposal purpose. Siemens doesn’t guarantee the user’s safety if the disassembly process is managed by any unlicensed installers.


  • Turn off the power supply and then use a screw driver to pry the front module off from the hole at the top of the thermostat.

  • If needed, disconnect the cables or detach the rear module by unscrewing the screws anticlockwise. Or, if there is decoration frame, detach it as well by unscrewing the screws.


The device is considered an electronic device for disposal in accordance with the European Guidelines and may not be disposed of as domestic garbage.

  • Dispose of the device through channels provided for this purpose.
  • Comply with all local and currently applicable laws and regulations.