All devices are listed in the "Locations" page. After login, you can see them along with their connection states and account privileges as guests (if configured; is displayed).

If configured, devices are grouped in different locations. See Configuring device locations for more configuration details.

You can filter devices or locations by entering one of the following keywords in the "Filter" field under "Locations" or "Setup":

  • Location name
  • Location address
  • Device room name
  • Device model name, for example, RDS110
  • Device state, for example, Online

Device connection state


The thermostat is connected to the cloud server.


The thermostat is not connected to the cloud server. Several reasons may result in disconnection:

  • The thermostat is powered off.
  • The thermostat is not connected to the Internet.

When a device is offline, you can only perform the following actions:

  • Sign up, sign in or sign out.
  • Change and recover a password.
  • Change user account settings.
  • Delete device.


The thermostat is in setup mode.


Not all data points are read.