If multiple devices are added to an account, all devices are grouped in the default location. Move some of them to a different location for better device management.

Move newly added devices to a different location

  1. From the "Setup" page, tap the default location.
  1. Tap the "Name" field and enter a new name for the new location. Note that this field is editable only if more than one device is added to the default location.
  1. Tap "Address".
  1. Search by address or tap on the map to set your location.
  • The new location with a different address is created.
  1. Return to the "Setup" page and tap the device to be moved.
  1. Tap "Room" to mark where the device is installed, and tap "Location" to change the device location.

To move devices that are not in the default location, perform steps 5 and 6 only. If all devices in a created location are moved out, the location is deleted automatically.

Change name and address for created locations

  1. From the "Setup" page, tap the location to be modified.
  1. Tap "Name" and "Address" to change location name and address respectively.