The device is connected to the cloud server but not associated with an account.

The fan icon. Fan status could be ON or AUTO. It is indicated by the text under the icon.

At home” mode is on.

AWAY“ mode is active.

Displays when the system works in an energy-optimized mode. If the leaf is red, it means that some pre-defined settings have been changed. Tap the red leaf to restore to the energy-saving mode. The leaf turns green.

Temperature setpoint slider. Icon color changes as setpoint is changed:

  • Slider changes to orange when setpoint is moved to a point that is higher than the current room temperature and the system enters heating mode to warm up the room.
  • Slider changes to blue when setpoint is moved to a point that is lower than the current room temperature and the system enters cooling mode to cool down the room.
  • If the system has reached setpoint and is idle, the slider color stays white.

NOTE: The condition of switching between heating and cooling modes is that the thermostat has been configured accordingly and then the thermostat responds based on the background logical processing of the comparison between the current room temperature and the heating and cooling setpoint for the current mode.

Relative room humidity

The thermostat operates under a schedule. If a schedule has not been set, the thermostat operates with the default schedule. This default schedule may be the system default or may be specific under “Advanced Settings” > “Optimization”.

When this icon is toggled on, temporary change of fan settings only takes effect during the current scheduled mode and will be overridden to the scheduled settings when the next scheduled mode starts, however, temporary temperature setpoint changes may be effective across scheduled modes. See more information about temporary temperature setpoint changes in Thermostat display overview.

NOTE: If the thermostat has not been connected to a WLAN network, it cannot read the real time from the network and thus cannot follow a schedule. In this case, it always works under the “Comfort” mode.

User overridden. Temporary setpoint changes or fan settings are effective if this icon is toggled on.

Tap to display options, such as “Operating mode”, “Settings” and “Advanced Settings”.

Indicates the room air quality is good.

Indicates the room air quality is average.

Indicates the room air quality is poor.

Indicates the outside air temperature. The temperature value is displayed beside this icon. Note that this value is valid only if you’ve connected an external outside air temperature sensor, configured it correctly and the sensor itself can provide valid values.