Operating mode overview

Operating mode



Maintains comfortable settings in controlled space during occupancy and activities.


Using set back (set up) settings, maintains balance in comfort during night time or inactivity and reduces energy consumption.


Saves energy when space is unoccupied for extended periods.

These operating modes have different temperature, humidification, dehumidification and air quality setpoints. These setpoints can be changed by choosing “Advanced Settings” > “Optimization”. Unlike the humidification setpoint or dehumidification setpoint, the temperature setpoint can be adjusted directly from the thermostat home screen or using the mobile app.

Time scheduling of these operating modes (Comfort, Economy and Unoccupied) can only be done on the mobile app but the schedule can be initiated on the thermostat itself. If a set point is overridden during a time schedule period, that change will revert to the scheduled setting during the next transition. Override information is visible on both the thermostat screen and the mobile app.

NOTE: See Setting schedules for more details about scheduling.

Switch the thermostat to work following a schedule

  • From the Home screen, tap if is not displayed on the screen.

NOTE: Unlike when a schedule is running, all the changes hold indefinitely if is toggled on.