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Legal owner

App Store®

Apple Inc.

Google Play™

Google Inc.


Wi-Fi Alliance

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Conventions for text marking


Special notations are shown in this document as follows:

Specifies the requirements that must be met before performing this procedure.


Procedures must be performed in the specified order.

[➙ X]

Reference to a page number


Relation sign and for identification between steps in a sequence, e.g., Menu bar >Help > Help topics.

Symbol identifications


This is the symbol for hazard. It warns of Risks of personal injury. Comply with all measures designated by this symbol to prevent injury or death.


This symbol identifies an important notice.

The 'i' symbol identifies supplementary information and tips.

Before starting

It is important to read the documents supplied with or ordered at the same time as the products (equipment, applications, tools, and so on) carefully and in full.

Before getting started, ensure there is an internet connection, a valid email address and a smartphone readily available.

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