This is the default schedule:


Time periods when “Comfort” mode is on

Time periods when “Unoccupied” mode is on

Monday to Friday

6 AM – 8 AM

5 PM – 10 PM

8 AM – 5 PM

10 PM – 6 AM

Saturday to Sunday

7 AM – 10 PM

10 PM – 7 AM

To program a different schedule, set up different time periods for the following operating modes: “Comfort”, “Economy” and “Unoccupied”. For more information about these operating modes, see Operating modes in a schedule.

When the schedule for one day is set, it can be copied to other days. In addition, preset setpoints for different modes can be customized.

Initiate schedule operation

  • From the Home screen of either the local hardware unit or the mobile application, tap if is not displayed on the screen.

Operating mode may change if the built-in PIR sensor function is enabled and presence is detected. See Presence detection using the built-in PIR sensor for more information.

To run the schedule without influence of the built-in PIR sensor, disable “Room presence detector” under “Advanced Settings” > “Optimization” in the thermostat.

Set time periods for different operating modes

  1. On the temperature control widget screen, tap > “Thermostat schedule”, and then tap "Edit".
  1. Select the day of the week for which you want to set a schedule. By default, the system uses the current day.
  1. On the vertical time line, tap a specific time to set a switching point. A switching point marker displays next to the time. To fine-tune the switching point, drag the switching point marker to the desired time.
  1. Tap the switching point marker and select “Comfort”, “Economy” or “Unoccupied” from the drop down list.
  1. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to set other switching points.
  1. Tap "Save".
  1. To copy the current day's schedule to other days, tap “Copy” and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: Max. eight switching points per day can be set. To delete one, tap on the switching point marker.

Change the preset setpoints for different operating modes

  1. On the temperature control widget screen, tap .
  1. Tap any of the modes, e.g., “Unoccupied”, to expand the preset setpoints.
  1. Drag the temperature slider to the setpoint.