In all installations (with or without demand control ventilation DCV), the Room ventilation function provides minimum primary airflow when configured ventilation is required. This can be set and enabled per operating mode. This provides additional flexibility and energy savings and effectively replaces the VAV minimum cooling and heating supply airflow setpoints. During heating (or cooling) when a minimum heating (or cooling) flow setpoint is configured, the larger value compared to ventilation will be used.


VAV and FPB have the minimum room air volume flow for the room operating modes configured and enabled in the VAV Ventilation Control application function, as follows:
- Minimum room air volume flow for comfort – 150 CFM

- Min. room air volume flow for pre-comfort – 150 CFM

- Minimum room air volume flow for economy – 0 CFM

- Min. room air volume flow for protection – 0 CFM

The minimum ventilation setting provides a low limit to the terminal box minimum ventilation parameter (VavSuAflMinVnt), preventing minimum ventilation from going below 150 CFM. For more information, see Airflow Sequencing and Airflow Limits (found under Air Volume Flow Setpoint Calculation section).