The application function Room green leaf, impact on room energy efficiency (RGrnLf) calculates the energy efficiency state of the room (Undefined, Poor, Satisfactory, Good, Excellent) and makes this state available for display on the room operator unit, where energy efficient conditions can be restored by pressing the GreenLeaf button.

The GreenLeaf function signals to a room occupant whether the selected operating commands are energy efficient. Energy efficiency is indicated by a leaf icon on the room unit that turns green. If the leaf icon is red, the room occupant can reset the controller back to a normal, energy efficient operating state by pressing the GreenLeaf button on the room unit.

Each discipline has its own rules for determining the impact of energy efficiency and hands over the result to AF Room GreenLeaf function, where the overall room situation is evaluated.

  • The AF reads the energy efficiency state of the discipline AFs for HVAC, lighting and shading as well as the reset request from the room operator unit.
  • The room's energy efficiency state is indicated by the GreenLeaf icon on the room operator unit. The icon turns red as soon as manual intervention changes one of the disciplines to a non-energy-efficient state.
  • Pressing the GreenLeaf icon / button on the room operator unit restores the room to an energy-efficient state. The AF sends a reset request to the disciplines for HVAC, lighting and shading
  • Criteria for energy efficiency:
    • HVAC:
      The Maximum tolerance for manually shifting the room temperature setpoint can be configured. Fan speed and room operating mode: No configuration. Their values cannot exceed the automatic values.
    • Lighting and shading:
      No configuration. Lighting setpoints and shading positions cannot be less energy efficient than the automatic values.
  • The manual changes and overrides initiated by the room occupant can be cleared, and the GreenLeaf status and GreenLeaf icon on the room operator unit can be externally reset to green by setting the multistate BACnet object Energy efficiency indication room (REei) to Excellent (5) at Priority 13.