When the VAV supply damper is available for cooling or ventilation, the respective binary output signal(s) that indicate availability (VavSuAvlC, VavSuAvlVnt) will be "Yes" (available).

For the ventilation available status to be "Yes", device mode must equal "Control mode" (modulation). The cooling or heating available status signals additionally require their respective airflow request signals from the VAV box coil or changeover signals from the AHU.

The output signal VAV supply airflow provided for ventilation (VavSuAflPvdVnt) is the amount of airflow available for ventilation. When Supply air VAV available for ventilation (VavSuAvlVnt) is True, the maximum ventilation value (VavSuAflMaxVnt) is transferred to VavSuAflPvdVnt.

VavSuAflPvdVnt is the sum of maximal flow (in engineering units) from the supply VAV boxes. These values are set in each supply VAV for the maximum flow in the segment.