When the saturation level calculation is enabled, a determination is made if the VAV box is starved (damper open greater than the saturation level value, i.e. not sufficient air ) or satisfied. After saturation conditions are met (time delay DlyOnStrtn), the saturation signal, VavSuAflStrtn is set to True (starved) and can be shared via grouping with the central function to provide additional control such as AHU static pressure reset.

The saturation signal (VavSuAflStrtn) is a binary object that is True ("Starved") when the air flow control loop cannot get enough air to reach setpoint for a time exceeding a built-in time delay. After the delay expires, open loop operation begins.


VavSuAflStrtn is always off if parameter EnStrtnCal = 0 (No). This allows the user to exclude a particular terminal from the saturation pressure reset system.