VAV room temperature control for cooling (VavTRCtlC) is the basis for the sequencing of the room temperature PID controllers for VAV cooling. It determines the room cooling setpoint and the room cooling demand signals to maintain the room temperature at the cooling setpoint. The following devices are supported:

  • Supply air VAV damper
  • (Optional) Cooling coil
  • (Optional) Chilled ceiling

The VAV application templates have been pre-loaded to support cooling with the Supply air VAV damper.
If the default application does not meet job requirements, an application can be configured and modified to job specifications in ABT Site.

This AF works in collaboration with the room segment HVAC device (the VAV supply air damper) to provide cooling. The cooling room temperature PID controller is enabled based on a signal that is read via the grouping function (from equipment in the room segment) indicating whether cooling is available.

Temperature sequence order: 1) Chilled ceiling, 2) Heating/Cooling coil, 3) Cooling coil, 4) VAV cooling (only for VAV serial fan operation)