The ROpModDtr application function (AF) calculates the Room operating mode (ROpMod) and makes it available to the coordinated Room segment AFs.





Related data point

Comfort button*
Key 8 - temporary Comfort mode

(default setting for preloaded templates)

  • Manual On (trigger or re-trigger)

(timer allows Comfort mode to time out)

  • Room operator unit on PL-Link (e.g. QMX3.xx) using the AF for Room operator unit interface (ROpUn11)
  • Room operator unit on BACnet (e.g. QMX7.xx)


Presence button*
When configured, activates/deactivates Comfort mode when Key 8 is pressed.

  • Manual On / Manual

(timer allows Comfort mode to time out)

Central room operation mode command

(using Grouping)

  • Manual
  • Auto
    (Auto equals relinquishing of prio13)
  • Central manual operation
  • Central scheduler


*When configured, the Comfort button is activated by Key 8 on the room operator unit. If Key 8 is configured instead for Presence button, then you can toggle Comfort mode on and off by pressing and re-pressing Key 8 (see Startup document for how to configure).


The Comfort / Presence button (Key 8) has an automatic delay-off delay timer (TiCmfBtn). The default is 120 minutes. TiCmfBtn (Time for comfort button) is in the application function for Room operating mode determination (ROpModDtr).

Setting TiCmfBtn to 0 will disable the Comfort button. However, If Key 8 is configured for Presence button, then setting TiCmfBtn to 0 will only disable the timer, not the Presence button itself. In this case, Comfort mode remains in effect until the next schedule change unless the Presence button is pressed again to toggle Comfort mode off.



ROpModDtr outputs the following:

  • ROpMod - The room operating mode is distributed to HVAC, lighting and shading AFs.
  • PrOpMod - The present operating mode can be configured for display on the room operator unit.
  • ManOpCnd - Manual operation condition can be configured / set to Locked (default = Unlocked). When Locked, manual attempts to adjust the setpoint are blocked during the operating mode(s) defined in the parameter for Manual operation lock configuration (ManOpLockCnf). The default for ManOpLockCnf = Protection & Economy – this means that manual attempts to increase comfort are blocked during Economy and Protection modes.
    Note: Setting ManOpCnd to Locked does not lock out manual changes to lighting or shading; it only locks out HVAC changes.
  • CmfCndTrg / EefCndTrg (see Configuration)
    • Comfort condition trigger (CmfCndTrg) specifies transition of room mode from less comfort to more comfort.
    • Energy efficiency condition trigger (EefCndTrg) specifies transition of room mode away from comfort.
    • Central triggering

Manual setpoint adjustment & EefCndTrg

The default configuration will reset a user-entered setpoint adjustment when the room mode changes. To eliminate this reset, do the following:
- Set the parameter "Comfort/Pre-Comfort to Economy" to None
- Set the parameter "Comfort to Pre-Comfort" to None

These parameters are in the following AF: "Room operating mode determination" (ROpModDtr). They are not BACnet objects, so ABT Site or SSA is required to access them.


Examples of trigger response:

Source / action

Trigger / value

(Example; results depend on configuration)

Comfort button /

Eco → Cmf

CmfCndTrg /


HVAC: No impact

Lighting: On (starts constant lighting control)

Shading: Stops automatic function

Comfort button /

Cmf → Eco

EefCndTrg /


HVAC: Resets any previous manual setpoint adjustment.

See note above for how to eliminate this reset.

Lighting: Immediately off (stops constant lighting control)

Shading: Releases manual command and goes to automatic position

Central scheduler /

Cmf → Eco

EefCndTrg /


HVAC: Resets setpoint adjustment

Lighting: Off with prior blinking (blinks, then stops constant lighting control)

Shading: Releases manual command and goes to automatic position