No protection against incorrect wiring on 230 V

The device is damaged

  1. Do not connect mains power to the low voltage side.
No internal line protection for supply lines to external consumers

Risk of fire and injury due to short-circuits!

  1. Adapt the line diameters as per local regulations to the rated value of the installed fuse.


Connection terminals

The connected plug-in terminals supply mains voltage

Can result in death or serious injury.

  1. Disconnect all power to the plug-in terminals prior to plugging in or taking off the connectors.


Terminal cover

Terminal covers protect the connection terminals against dirt, and users against electrical shock. Break off the cable inlets to insert the cables to the room automation station.

To take off the terminal cover:

Strain relief

Strain relief protects flexible electrical wiring against mechanical stress. Cable strain relief is required for wires to terminals 51…64 (AC 230 V).

The wiring must be fixed using cable binders to the tabs on the housing base.