• Radiators, chilled/heated ceilings, fan coil applications.
  • Room Automation applications combining multiple disciplines (HVAC, lighting, shading) into one comprehensive solution. Room Automation offers the highest level of flexibility for energy-optimized solutions without sacrificing comfort.
  • Room Automation applications can be extended with lighting and blinds applications via KNX PL-Link.

Preinstalled applications

  • Fan coil: Cooling or heating, cooling and heating (2-pipe), or cooling/heating (4-pipe), supply air minimum limitations, outside air control
  • Chilled beam active or passive cooling (2-pipe) or cooling/heating (2-pipe) or cooling/heating (4-pipe)
  • Radiant ceiling: Cooling, cooling and heating (2-pipe), or cooling/heating (4-pipe)
  • Radiator: Hot water, steam (2 or 4-pipe) or electric stepped controlled
  • Light: Up to 4 separate zones
  • Blinds: 1 or 2 motors

Application options

  • Separate temperature setpoints for up to 4 operating modes.
  • Chilled water and hot water valve (2-pipe or 4-pipe)