The room automation stations can be snapped onto standard rails or screwed onto a flat surface.

Risk of overheating for failure to comply with ambient temperature

Burning and damage to the device

  1. Ensure sufficient ventilation to comply with the permissible ambient temperature within the panel or installation box. The temperature must be at least 10 K (18° F) lower outside the installation box.

Mounting position

Ambient temperature -5...45 °C (23...113°F)

Ambient temperature -5...50 °C (23...122°F)

  1. Overhead
  2. Wall, vertically
  • From top to bottom
  • From bottom to top
  • On a horizontal surface
    • Wall, horizontal
      • From left to right
      • From right to left

    Differential pressure sensor

    • Avoid bends and pressure when attaching the tube.
    • Connect the "+" connection on the side with the higher pressure and the "-" connection on the side with the lower pressure.
    • A tube length of 2 m (6 ft) is recommended.