Power supply

The power supply provides controlled voltages for inputs and outputs. The room automation stations also supply AC 24 V field supply (DXR2..18, DC 24 V too). The supply is located in the device to simplify wiring and diagnostics.

The processor controls the power supply. This ensures clean conditions for field devices connected to the I/Os during startup, shutdown, and undervoltage.

Bus power supply

The room automation station includes the bus power for KNX PL-Link. The bus power is switched on by default, but can be switched off via web interface or configuration in the Automation Building Tool (ABT).

The internal KNX PL-Link supply cannot be operated parallel to external power supplies. The internal KNX PL-Link power must be switched off during the engineering phase for external power. This is typically the case if the 50 mA from the internal supply is not enough to supply all devices connected on the KNX PL-Link bus.