1. Open LMU > Activatable Items > Offline-Workflows > select Offline SUR Expiry Date Update.
  2. Select Retrieve SUR Expiry Date Product in the right pane > select a required option:
    • Use existing CSID
    • Specify manually: CSID and Activation ID
    • Previously used CSID's.
  3. Click on Retrieve SUR Expiry Date
  4. ⇨Displays the product name in the Active Line Items pane.
  5. Select the retrieve SUR expire date product.
  6. Click on Save SUR Expiry Date
  7. ⇨Opens the “Certificate” dialog box.
  8. In the Certificate dialog box > select an adequate folder.
  9. Make sure to use an adequate location, e.g. projects folder > temp or similar
  10. Click on Save and acknowledge the success prompt.
  11. ⇨Generates a SUR Expire Date Product file and saves the file in the given location.
  12. Copy the SUR Expiry Date Product file and send it to the target computer by Internet (Intranet, USB device etc.)
  13. Continue with Tasks on target computer.