LMU 2.4 has introduced simplified SUR Expiration Date offline workflow.
Compared to the previous one, the new workflow requires only two steps: create the SUR Response file and load it to the target computer.
After successful completion, the correct SUR Expiration Date will be applied to the target machines.

This procedure is used if the target computer does not have an internet connection or is not allowed to access the internet, e.g. Desigo CC in a private network

Simplified Subscription Expiration Date workflow consists of the following tasks:


  1. On the LMS server the engineer generates the corresponding SUR response file(s) and sends them to the target computer.
  1. The user manually copies the SUR response file(s) for offline PC to the LMU of the target system via Internet (Intranet, USB devices, etc.).
  1. The user processes the SUR response file(s) in the LMU of the target system. With this done the subscription expiration date is now updated.