Dongle Licenses can be retrieved by connecting the dongle and using the Retrieve Dongle Licenses feature in LMU. Retrieve Dongle Licenses feature allows you to retrieve the Dongle Licenses from the license server and also helps to activate the license. The dongle licenses need not be saved on your local drive.

  1. Start LMU application. In navigation pane > click Support button.
  1. Click the Check Dongle button to retrieve Dongle ID. (Please make sure dongle device has already been attached to license server.
  • After few seconds the application displays the prompt «Operation completed successfully». Select the Dongle ID from the Dongle ID drop-down list.
  1. Click Retrieve Licenses button.
  • Activate Line Items view displays the available license files for the selected dongle.
  1. Check the desired Dongle Certificate (*.lic) from the list.
  1. Click Activate License.

This feature is not supported for CMD3.0 dongles.

On successful completion of the operation, the license(s) disappear from the Activable Line Items view.

If the Dongle is not connected a message - "No valid dongle inserted" displays.

Dongle certificate return


  • XYZ Customer orders Desigo CC.
  • The logistics deliver Desigo CC system including dongle to the customer.
  • Mr.A  from Siemens prepares the license and activates it against the dongle provided to customer (using LMU).
  • The customer plugs-in the dongle. Opens LMU and retrieves valid certificates for this dongle (installs them on the system).