LMU can back up the licenses to a path that is defined by the user (so-called online backup or mirroring). After each licensing operation this function will save the latest licenses to this location automatically. In case of a failure, the backup folder can be used to restore the licenses.


We strongly recommend to define a backup path prior to any licensing action. Unless you do so there won't be any backup containing any actions.


1. Trusted Store (TS) licenses can only be restored in the computer where the backup was created.

2. TS based licenses have to be returned to the server prior to changes on hardware, e.g. new harddisk, change of OS etc.

3. Certificates stored here don't follow the file name convention used in older LMU versions i.e. ≤ LMS2.0SP1. Thus, they must not be copied from here.

Use the «export» workflow to create certificates with correct name.

New installation of LMU

With a new installation of LMU, you will enable the automatical backup function as follows:

  1. Create a backup folder.
    We recommend to create this folder on a device other than the one LMU is installed on, e.g. another internal drive, an external drive, etc.
  1. Open LMU.
  1. In LMU > navigate to Settings > Backup.
  1. In Settings pane > expand the Backup Settings tree.
  1. Browse for the backup folder you created under 1 above.
  • Opens the Select Backup Path dialog box.
  1. Select the backup folder you created under 1 above.
  1. Click OK.
  • Closes the dialog box, creates the LMU_Backup folder including three sub-folders and saves the data required.