Removing a dongle certificate means that the license files are deleted from the local license storage. There is no online data exchange between the local license server and the Siemens License Management System server.


This workflow is also used to export a certificate and install it on another system.

Only this workflow ensures that:

• the certificate filename meets the corresponding conventions and

• the certificate can be imported also into older LMU versions.


  1. Browse to Licensed Products view.
  1. Select certificate(s) from the Licensed Products view.
  1. Click Return/Remove tab on the bottom.
  1. Set the Return type as Certificate removal or Certificate export.
  1. Click Execute button.
  • Opens a first security prompt.
  1. Answer the security prompt with OK.
  • Opens a second security prompt.
  1. Answer the following security prompt as needed.

We strongly recommend to answer this security prompt with OK.
Note that removing dongle license certificates automatically deletes the respective dongle certificate files (even in the backup). This action is irreversible.

  1. Enter the desired path where to save the License Certificate file.
  1. Click OK.
  • Given a successful operation, license(s) will disappear from the Licensed Products view.

This step is also required when exporting the certificate to older systems as this ensures that the filename meets the corresponding conventions.