Likewise offline activation and return, Offline repair is also an offline way of repairing broken trusted storage. Activated licenses in the Trusted Storage may become corrupt in case of hardware change or system-clock change (if time is changed by more than 24 hours). This function allows you to repair any corrupted / broken license(s) offline.

For repairing/returning licenses, the workflow consists of the following steps:


  1. In LMU of the target system (e.g. Desigo CC), the user selects all the features that need to be repaired offline.
  1. The user generates the corresponding request file(s) and sends them to the engineering computer via Internet (Intranet, USB devices etc.).
  1. The engineer manually copies the generated request file(s) on the engineering computer and loads them up to the LMS server.
  1. On the LMS server the engineer generates the corresponding response file(s) and sends them to the target computer.
  1. The user manually copies the response file(s) to the LMU of the target system via Internet (Intranet, USB devices, etc.).
  1. The user processes the response file(s) in the LMU of the target system. With this done the licenses are now returned.