Loop isolator (100V) PCA2005-A1

The 'Loop isolator (100V)' PCA2005-A1 is an isolating element in accordance with EN 54-17 for use in a 100 V speaker line. The isolator rapidly detects and isolates short circuits affecting the line. It monitors the speaker line connected to the loop isolator for open lines and short circuits. The status of the PCA2005-A1 is shown on an optical display.

Speaker with 0.75 W to 12 W can be connected to the loop isolator.

Two-pole standard wires are used as cables for the speaker loop. A speaker loop can accommodate up to 80 isolators. The maximum loop length is 1000 m per amplifier output.

The PCA2005-A1 was specifically developed for use with the PC2003-A1 digital audio matrices.

Spelsberg i 16-L loop isolator Box PCA2013-A1

IP55 housing for loop isolator (100 V) PCA2005-A1. It is required for the PCA2005-A1 to meet the EN 54-17.