RS485 module (1 port, DIN rail) PN2009-A1

The 'RS485 module (1 port, DIN rail)' PN2009-A1 is used for a convenient connection of external 'PACE-Bus' (RS485) call stations and components. It provides the following electrically isolated signals:

  • 'PACE-Bus' (RS485) communication
  • DC 24 V DC/DC converter with integrated ground fault monitoring
  • Analog audio input
  • Analog audio output

Any short circuit on the connected wiring which occurs outside of the system cabinet will therefore not affect the internal signals.

Ground fault monitoring (24V) PCA2001-A1

The 'Ground fault monitoring (24V)' PCA2001-A1 is a module for monitoring DC 24 V lines outside of the system cabinets for supplying remote system components (e.g., call stations). It measures the resistance of both wires in the lines to the protective conductor (PE).

According to the corresponding standard, a ground fault is detected when a resistance of <50 kOhm is measured to the protective conductor. A fault message is transmitted by the relay changeover contact and indicated on the printed circuit board via LED.

MeanWell SD-50B-24 DC/DC Converter (50W) PCA2011-A1

MeanWell SD-100B-24 DC/DC Converter (100W) PCA2018-A1

The DC/DC converters PCA2011-A1 and PCA2018-A1 are required to electrically isolate DC 24 V lines exiting the system cabinet from the internal DC 24 V power supply. Any short circuit or ground fault that occurs outside the system cabinet will therefore not affect the internal 24 V supply.

The devices are protected against short circuits, overload and overvoltage.