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About this document; Overview; User interface; System configuration; Configuration pages – Overview; Hardware specific configuration; System Protection; Administration and system monitoring; Maintenance and system operation; Appendix



General updates:

Harmonized the wording throughout the document so that now:

  • Device: means any device which can be connected to the system
  • Component: means any Cerberus PACE or Cerberus PACE Compact device
  • Station: a Cerberus PACE or Cerberus PACE Compact component which can be configured with 'PACE-Design'
  • Module: if the component is named as module, such as PCA2008 'Automated volume control module'


Configuring PT2002; Configuring PT2003; Configuring PT2010, PT1001 and PT1002; Using 'Output module (relay, 8)' PCO2002;


System limits and restrictions; EN 54-16 – Specific settings; Setup the line detection card; Setting up automatic volume control (AVC); Play audio in zones using logic control inputs; Using 'Output extension relay (8)' PCO2001; Using PCIO2001 and PCIO2002; Using the PT2006 remote control panel; Configuring the backup amplifier system; Using keypad macros;Configuration pages – Overview; Digital audio matrix (4/4/16) monitor; Digital audio matrix board Cerberus PACE Compact; 'Digital Input Mode – Regular Keypad'; Graphical user interface; Maintenance and system operation;




User interface; 'PACE-Net API'; System limits; 'Amplifiers'; Cerberus PACE Compact: 'Detect Routing'; Displaying dynamic station data; Display Vital Board Monitoring; Ethernet Statistics; Reset Station to the Factory Settings; 'Station' Toolbar or drop-down menu




AVC-based analog measurement, IO Triggered: AVC value is calculated by using the given logic control input value, PT2010, PT1001, PT1002 configuration, 'External UART & Cyclic Settings', Cerberus PACE Compact: 'Detect Routing', Backup, 'Amplifiers' in Cerberus PACE Compact, Digital audio matrix board Cerberus PACE Compact, Display additional information, Display Vital Board Monitoring, 'System' Toolbar or drop-down menu


User interface, 'Amplifiers', 'System Lists': 'Audio Feeds', 'System Lists': 'Active Calls', 'System Lists': 'Peripherals', 'System Lists': 'System', Play audio in zones using logic control inputs, 'Audio Output Processing', 'Common Configuration', 'System Lists': 'Compare with Snapshot', Update Controller Firmware, Digital audio matrix (4/4/16) monitor, 'Discarding changes', Displaying dynamic station data, EN 54-16 – Specific settings, 'Error Logging List', 'External UART & Cyclic Settings', Input Configuration, 'Logic control inputs – Connector', Overview, 'PACE-Net API', 'Speaker Lines', Station ErrorState, 'System Lists': 'Stations', Supervision, System limits, 'System Tree', Using a DCF77 radio clock, Using 'Output extension relay (8)' PCO2001, Using PCIO2001 and PCIO2002, Using keypad macros, Loop isolator speaker lines configuration, Loop isolator speaker lines configuration, Configuring the backup amplifier system, 'Identification & Operation', 'CSLL UART List', Documents, 'Basic Station Configuration', 'Basic Station Info', 'Digital Input Mode – Regular Keypad', 'PACE-Bus' (RS485/RS232), Fault Relay – Mode'Audio Output Priority Table', Analog audio output configuration, 'Regular Modes', 'Logic control outputs – Connector', Configure Protection




System Errortypes, Log Warnings, Log Infos, Log Events, ''Error Logging Options'', 'Open Project Snapshot', Using a DCF77 radio clock, 'Using a logic control output from separate call stations','Using logic operations on logic control inputs or outputs', Station ErrorState


User interface, ''System Overview'', ''System Tree'', 'EN 54-16 – Specific settings', Performing an impedance measurement (200 Hz to 20 kHz), Using live measurements to tune the speaker line loop, 'Analog Audio Input Block Diagram', 'Analog audio output block diagram up to V1.3.3', 'Common Configuration', 'Remote Control panel' PT2006 configuration, 'Supervision', 'Amplifiers', 'Audio Modes', 'Logic control inputs – Connector', 'Logic control outputs – Connector', 'Administration', ''System Lists': 'Compare with Snapshot'', 'Create Project Snapshot', 'Time Provider', 'Using keypad macros', 'System limits', 'Graphical user interface', Graphical user interface 'Re-arrange layout', Switching between 'SymbolOnlyMode' / 'DetailedMode' in 'System Overview' graphical user interface, Setting the base point of a station, Clone Station, 'Projects', 'Frequently asked questions'



Sub-chapter added to chapter 'Station positioning'.



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